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Fat Dissolving (Lipolysis)

Permanently eliminate stubborn fat from under the chin on your neck (submental area) that dieting, and exercise does not get rid of

Fat Dissolving Lipolysis Treatment Stouffville

Come and meet with our accredited injecting team to see if you are a good candidate for fat dissolving.

We use a product, deoxycholic acid, for the safe destruction of fat cells under the chin (submental fat). Deoxycholic acid aids in the permanent breakdown of fat. This product is injected into the fat layer and causes the fat to cells to pop like a balloon.

The fat cells are permanently destroyed and then over time they are eliminated by the body. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they can never store fat again and the effects are permanent.

Typically, patients require 2-4 treatments although some do require more depending upon their unique situation. Patients can expect to wait about a month between treatments and will start to see results after a few weeks.

This treatment will not address loose skin, skin laxity or a breakdown of the skin structure, as that is typically addressed using other treatments such as Ultherapy and dermal fillers. After a fat dissolving treatment, the body naturally wants to eliminate the damaged cells and so the area may become slightly swollen and red, which will dissipate after a short time.

Patients love their results and are very excited that once their level of fat reduction have been met, additional treatments are not required.

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