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Policy and Procedure Manual


If you have not spent time creating a Policy & Procedure manual for your business yet — you are not alone!!


Assembling a Policy & Procedure manual can be daunting but is also incredibly useful in building a positive workplace culture and provide structure and insight into how your business functions. Save hours of time and let us help!

It is critical that clinics have a proper policy and procedure protocols in place. Not only to meet Ministry guidelines, but as well, treatment guidelines should also be in place for every procedure you perform (i.e.: Neurotoxins, Dermal fillers, PRP, use of hyaluronidase, Deoxycholic Acids, Chemical Peels, Laser, etc.).


A professionally written Policy and Procedure manual is a necessary tool in as these guidelines may serve as part of a protective mechanism for your clinic if legal action is brought against the staff, their medical director, and/or the clinic.


We welcome you to purchase a complete printed assembled copy. We customize the manual and it’s forms and language to fit your practice. This Policy and Procedures Manual will provide a foundation upon which to evolve your own policies and procedures manual that aligns with your medical aesthetic practice.


Our Aesthetics Policy and Procedure Manual is $1750 assembled and includes medical directives (which can be edited as required by your own clinic medical director and is considered void until signed by an appropriate ordering authority).


Feel free to email us to see a copy of the table of contents and an example of the treatment guidelines and directives along with your full name. We do collaborate with aesthetic medical directors to assemble their own customizable directives as requested.

Aesthetic Policy and Procedure Manual

  • Policies & Procedures will evolve over time and new best practice guidelines will emerge. It is your responsibility to update your manual as new products and techniques are introduced.

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    The user acknowledges that the ministry of health laws vary on who can provide the aesthetic services identified in these documents and further acknowledges and accepts full responsibility to follow her/his scope of practice without exception. These documents are suggestions of what may be appropriate for use but should first take into consideration individual personalization and clear directives on compliance as it pertains to the individuals’ scope of practice and licensing requirements.