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PRP Hair Restoration

PRP for hair restoration uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) technology to stimulate hair growth.

This is where a clients’ own blood is drawn to extract the PRP and then injected into the scalp where hair loss/thinning is present. PRP works to stimulate the hair follicles and forces them to enter an active growth phase, and a new hair begins to grow.


Platelet Rich Plasma injections for hair loss offer a natural solution for treating hair loss and thinning hair. This hair restoration treatment is especially effective for those with early hair loss, and not recommended for those who are completely bald or have no hair follicles.


PRP Hair Restoration Benefits

  • Naturally stimulates hair follicles

  • No surgery or down time

  • Increases hair growth

  • Improves the hair density

  • Encourages your hair’s natural growth cycle

  • Minimal discomfort

  • Ideal for both men and women experiencing hair loss

  • Restores your natural hair

Who Should Get This Treatment?


PRP injections for hair loss and hair restoration can help those experiencing:

  • Thinning hair

  • Male pattern baldness

  • Female pattern baldness

  • Hair loss due to hormonal changes, trauma, stress

  • Those with androgenic or areata alopecia


How long does the process take?


The blood draw takes just a couple of minutes, followed immediately by a 10-minute centrifugation. The time involved in the application varies but is usually 20-30minutes.


How many PRP sessions are required?


A treatment plan is developed on your individual needs, but 3 treatments 6-8 weeks apart is standard with maintenance requirements for ongoing benefit.


Does it hurt?


Eclipse PRP® is close to a physiologic pH, which means the product is less likely to cause a stinging or burning sensation. There is some temporary discomfort and possible redness and inflammation at the application site, but quickly resolves. Many do report a mild headache shortly after the procedure but it resolves quickly. You can take Tylenol as required.


Is PRP safe?


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is produced from your own blood, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

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