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Accredited Aesthetic Training 

*Specialty Workshop*

Course Date:

June 2, 2024

9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Course Location:

Seamless Health & Medical Aesthetics

60 Innovator Ave. Unit 18

Stouffville ON L4A 0Y2



Includes one complimentary IV Nutrition Treatment during the hands in portion (if medically appropriate)


Intravenous therapy is one of the most common treatments provided in healthcare.


Despite this, there is often a lack of formal training for professionals. We have partnered with a pharmacist to ensure by the end of the workshop you are aware of IV Nutrient therapy benefits and associated risks. You will learn what the common active ingredients are and their benefit so you can actively educate your clients and choose the best protocols for them.

We’ll help you understand the regulations and safety procedures necessary to ensure you have a safe clinic that provides the best treatment for your patients. From side effects and contradictions to infusion-related emergencies we cover everything you need to know.

You will receive an IV treatment (if appropriate and desired) so you can feel the benefits of treatment for yourself.


This course is open to all health professionals who have IV Therapy in their scope of practice.


This 1 day workshop, will provide you with the knowledge and skill required to successfully incorporate IV therapy into your clinic.




9am start

✔️ Welcome

✔️ Introduction to IV Therapy

✔️ Oral vs IV bioavailability

✔️ Basics of IV Nutrition in the clinic setting

✔️ Common carrier fluids

✔️ IV compatibilities

✔️ Laboratory recommendations

✔️ Summary of evidence for Vitamins and minerals and their benefits

✔️ Complications of IV therapy

✔️ Emergency Medical situations , protocols / management

✔️ Aseptic technique

✔️ Intravenous equipments

✔️ IV Placement, vein considerations/ aftercare

✔️ Blends & protocols

✔️ Equipment and Supplies


This is a specialty course. Please see cancellation policy before registration.

2024-06-02 IV Therapy for Aesthetics

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