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Accredited Aesthetic Training 

Specialty Workshop



June 22, 2024

9:00 am - 4:00pm


Course Location:

Seamless Health & Aesthetics

175 Mostar St

Stouffville ON

L4A 0Y2


During this intimate workshop, we will be working with injectors on advanced injection techniques. We will be working with both dermal fillers and Radiesse.


This will training will include cheek, teartrough, jawline and temples as well as other areas of the face necessary for facial balance, and harmonization.


Limited enrolment to ensure ++ hands on skills


This specialty course will focus on full face rejuvination and more challenging areas of the face including jawline, teartroughs, temples. It is designed as a one-day course for Physicians (MD), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) who are licensed in Ontario, Canada.


**As this is an Advanced Skills workshop, it is recommended for EXPERIENCED Injectors with minimum 6+ months of regular injecting experience and comfort with both needle and cannula techniques.**


The specialty course is open to injectors from other provinces and countries, but only those with a license in Ontario will be able to inject during the hands-on portion of the workshop.


The hands-on portion will focus on facial balancing, and overall rejuvenation.


This workshop includes both a didactic and hands-on training session. As this is an Advanced Techniques workshop, a thorough working knowledge of dermal filler techniques and products is necessary before attending this course.



Examine advanced dermal filler techniques for facial balance and midface volumization.

Increase knowledge of facial anatomy in reference to injectable procedures including facial muscles and understanding the layers of the skin.

Review the hyaluronic acid classification methods, common areas of use and depth of injection for hyaluronic acid dermal fillers

Discuss common complications that may occur with dermal filler injections and how to manage these complications with proper safety protocols

Evaluate correct patient selection criteria, the importance of medical history review and elements of a successful aesthetic patient consultation

Establish successful skills in performing live model consultation, and treatment

Network and collaborate with fellow injectors



During the didactic portion we will cover the following topics as they relate to injection methods for cheeks, teartroughs, jawline and temple volumization.:

Review facial anatomy

Discuss the pharmacology dermal fillers applicable to these techniques

Understand client selection and preparation

Learn the indications, contraindications and treatment techniques for each area and/or product

Examine possible side-effects and after-treatment protocols



After the didactic portion, you will work in pairs to gain experience performing advanced procedures during the clinical hands-on training session with guidance by Jessica Manges and the Seamless Health team.


The models will be provided by Seamless Health to receive advanced procedures.


You may bring a suitable models for treatment (reduced price), but they must be registered/approved by the Seamless Health team prior.


Please email info@seamlesshealth at least two weeks in advance of the workshop to ensure they are suitable candidates.



Attendees will receive reference materials to review at the workshop. After completion attendees receive an official “Certificate of Attendance”.


Space is very limited.


2024-06-22 Advanced Dermal Filler Techniques

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