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Accredited Aesthetic Training 

To help new aesthetic injectors start injecting as soon as possible after their training, we have assembled this Aesthetic Injector Start Up Supplies Kit. Filled with top quality Health Canada approved supplies for 25 clients.

These items will help you begin your practice immediately. It includes all items listed below. Items that require a prescription must be prescribed, sourced and used as directed by the injector’s medial director.


Kit Contents:


0.3 cc. Insulin Syringes with 8mm 30ga. Needle (50 Pack)

1.0 cc. Syringes - No Needle (20 Pack)

3.0 cc. Syringes with Needle (20 Pack)

30 ga. X 1" Needle Only (20 Pack)

Alcohol Pads (1 Box)

Decapper/Opener (1 Each)

Emergency Algorithms (1 Set)

Gauze (1 Sleeve, approx. 200 Pieces)

Gloves (1 package)

Hair Band (1 Each)

Ice Pack (2 Each)

Kit Container (1 Each)

Marking Pencil (1 Each)

Marking Pencil Sharpener (1 Each)

Memory Stick with Reference Materials (1 Each)

Post Care Sheets (One Set)

Stress Ball (1 Each)

Vibration Bar (1 Each)

Bacteriostatic Saline 10ml (2 Each)

New Aesthetic Injector Start Up Supply Kit